A letter to my 8th grade self

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

To the new 8th grader Ricky


There are going to be ups and down of 8th grade and maybe you are going to fall into those along the way. Some are getting bad grades, this will reflect on high schools you will be excepted into. That is one thing to watch out for. Another is good grades this will reflect really well on high school exception. Technology will probably advance so be always be ready to learn what it is, and be ready to learn other new things in school.  So be open minded and you will be successful.


The risks and advantages of the internet

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012



The risks and advantages of the online world


There are risks in games and online play. The risks are getting lost or putting yourself in danger. A woman played a game called second life and opened a business. She got money and got so lost in the game that see goes on every day and earns money. She has no social life in the real world and she does not know what to do with her talent or life. The advantages of the online world are looking at resources for school and looking at what other people did for projects you are looking for. Some video I watched was about robots and different models and function of them. One spoke with rapid fast response another walked like a human and the next looked like a human. These inventions came from ideas probably someone contributed to the internet and the inventor took that and added to it to make it even better. That is the advantages from the internet but there are also risks. Some risks are like talking to someone you don’t know and telling them where they live. Another is getting lost in a game and not doing anything else but that game. Those are the risks and advantages of the Internet.

Probally how my Summer will go / Terraria map

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012




What I want to do in summer


This assignment I need to list what I want to do during summer. Summer is 3 months long and I want to do a lot of things and most is with friends, non without. I’m going to a camp called Camp La Selva. Some or most of the summer I will be on the computer playing games and creating stuff on the computer. I need to finish stuff and I’m going to buy stuff for my computer to upgrade it.  I’m trying to get good grades for extra money to buy more stuff so I’m starting to stress myself about grades right now.


          The first thing I’m doing over the summer is volunteering at La Selva. I took an interview with the leader and I got in. So me and 2-4 of my friends are volunteering for the first week. It’s like a job but I don’t get paid until next year. I know it’s going to be fun because I’ve been there many years and I know the place like the back of my hand. I know most of the kids and most of the leaders know me already.  I’m going to go there for the first and third session which is the first 3 weeks and then after those 3 weeks then its 3 more weeks then the third session.


          Between the first and third session I’m going to go to a weeklong class on computer stuff with my friend Noah. This class will show me how to use photo shop and other computer programs. I don’t know what’s going to happen there but that is going to be about computer stuff. Another thing I’m going to do on my computer is play my games with my computer buddies Tanner and Tom. We are going to play Tf2 and other games with multiplayer. I’m going to play Skyrim and Tf2 by myself if they are not there which is most likely imposable they are always online. In Terraria, a game I play, I’m making a pvp map. I was having a hard time deciding the classes but I think I got most of them now and now I’m going to work on the terrain. Tanner is helping me build is he can actually join it or I’m working by myself. I’m looking forward to get Diablo 3 but I don’t have 2 so I don’t know what I’m expecting.

The terraria ending of development

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

After at least a year terraria stopped its development but there are so many more ideas. Terraria is only standing on the heads of the community. Terraria has come a long way with the best indy game of the year but after that they stopped its development and left it to wok on another game. Almost everyone is going on an out rage about it.

Terraria has come to mods and maps and a huge community on terraria online. The producers said that they where going to incorporate mods and new items into the game. I was looking forward to the next update with new mobs and new bosses and new items. I was looking forward to it because of the very successful 1.1 update so i thought the next update was going to make the game top. But after i looked at a you tube video by terraria help and it said that redigit stopped the development of terraria and a lot of people where shocked.

I was a person who was shocked nothing was more disappointing then my favorite game stopped but after i heard the two posts redigit put to terraria online.


The terraria pixle image

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Here is a link that is a picture of terraria which you start with one pixle and you keep separating  it until it looks like a picture.

Koalas to max

Terraria mods

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

There are mods in Terraria. I actually did not know about this until last week when i looked it up. I found some downloads and it lead my to a mod called obsidian’s mod Its mainly about bunny’s. Here is a link. for this mod you need to download something called game launcher by SurfPup.The image above is an image from the game with the mod. The dragon is usually not in the game but in omnirs mod pack it is possible. In omnirs mod pack you get add on weapons and creatures to the game. But for both the mods to work on your computer you need game launcher. So that’s the i have and there are more on terraria online.

The first post, and terraria update

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011


This is my first post ever, but I will mostly be talking about the next terraria update that came out. This update will be 222 new  items which include, weapons, NPCs, accessories, monster spawners, wire, timers, and pumps to pump water and lava to a different spots. You can go to my steam account with screen shots of new things I have encountered in the new update and other things in terraria. the picture bellow is of a person mining mithril ore(this picture is not of me)Mithril ore is one of the three new ores in the game. A new sword is called the Excaliber that can be crafted from the three new swords called, the mithril sword, the admantite sword, and the colbat sword on a demon alter. All this can be found on the terraria wiki.      -Rijuki

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